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Fulcrum Trading Company’s Custom-Labeled Marijuana Joint Tubes

I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with Fulcrum Trading Company’s custom-labeled marijuana joint tubes! Their new low-pricing structure is unbeatable, making it more affordable than ever to get high-quality, custom-labeled tubes for our products.

Product Quality:

The quality of these tubes is exceptional. Fulcrum handles the entire process, from manufacturing the tubes to printing and applying the labels. This ensures a seamless and professional finish every time. The tubes themselves are robust and protect the contents perfectly, keeping our products fresh and secure.


The labels are fantastic. The print quality is sharp and vibrant, which really helps your brand stand out. Fulcrum’s team works closely with us to ensure our designs are exactly how we want them, and the end result always exceeds our expectations.

In addition to applying labels directly to the tubes, Fulcrum offers Custom Pre-printed Label Rolls, allowing us to feature our unique artwork. These labels can be applied in-house and are available in a variety of finishes, including:

  • Spot gloss
  • Metallic effects
  • Spot matte varnishes
  • Brushed metallic effects
  • Holograms

This extensive range of options means our products look premium and eye-catching.


The pricing is simply the best in the market. With 98MM and 116MM custom-label joint tubes, the cost per tube decreases significantly with larger orders. (As of 7/9/2024)

  • 1-9 boxes: 8.7¢ each
  • 10-29 boxes: 7.7¢ each
  • 30-249 boxes: 6.6¢ each

This tiered pricing structure makes it incredibly cost-effective, especially for bulk orders. You can save a substantial amount of money without compromising on quality, which is a huge win for the Cannabis Industry.

Customer Service:

The customer service at Fulcrum is top-notch. They are always responsive, helpful, and go above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied with our orders. Any questions or concerns are promptly addressed, and their team is genuinely dedicated to providing excellent service.


If you’re looking for custom-labeled marijuana joint tubes, Fulcrum Trading Company is the way to go. The combination of high quality, outstanding customization, unbeatable pricing, and exceptional customer service makes them the best choice on the market. Highly recommended!