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Inkable Label Co: A Candid Review

In the realm of custom cannabis labels, Inkable Label Co. certainly tries to distinguish itself. Their mantra, “Beyond the Baggie,” suggests an aim to elevate cannabis product presentation. However, when diving into the details, some aspects of their service may not fully live up to their lofty promise.

Product Offerings and Quality

Inkable boasts of printing on modern offset and digital presses, notably the HP Indigo. While this promises visual benefits such as true gradients, non-running inks, vibrant colors, and impeccable registration, some users might question if the quality is truly superior to other market options. The variety of standard and signature stocks with laminate options seems extensive, but the “visual premium” they describe can be subjective.

The company does offer specialized label FX like white ink underprinting, foil stamping, and the intriguing “no label look” among others. However, it remains unclear how these enhancements measure up in real-world application against standard printing enhancements offered by competitors.

Cost and Efficiency

On the surface, Inkable appears to have a compelling value proposition. They offer custom sizing without incurring die cut fees (up to $350 in value), which is quite significant. But there’s a caveat: these waived fees only apply to standard shapes. For a company that promotes “100% custom” labels, it’s a tad disappointing that this doesn’t extend to all shapes.

Though they do allow for printing a total quantity with multiple designs at a low fee, they fall short in detailing how “low” this fee actually is. Their promise of free shipping within 6-8 days (inclusive of production and QC) is commendable, but the timeframe might not be the quickest in the industry.

The Inkable Label Co. Advantage

While the company boasts of the “Inkable Label Co. Advantage,” including best pricing on standard shapes and prime quality prints, these claims need deeper verification. Offering free manual inspection by experienced print designers is indeed a plus, but one would expect such a service to be standard in this industry.

Inkable’s offer to try before you commit with hard proofs upon request is valuable, but it raises the question of how confident they are in their digital proofs.

Final Thoughts

Inkable Label Co. seems to have its heart in the right place, aiming to provide a premium service for custom cannabis labels. However, potential customers might need to scrutinize their offerings and promises more closely. The lack of clarity on certain fees, potential quality concerns, and restrictions on customizations are areas that can’t be ignored. As always, engaging directly with the company for samples and clearer pricing structures might be a prudent step before making any commitments.