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Wedge Labels: A Critical Review

Wedge Labels makes a bold promise with its label rolls: the final label on their roll’s core will not jam. They attribute this to their advanced machinery which eliminates the need for tape and glue, typically responsible for such jams, at the end of the roll. While this promise sounds promising on the surface, there are areas where Wedge falls short when compared to industry standards.

Product Range and Quality

Wedge produces thermal labels for Dymo, Zebra, and Seiko printers. These labels, whether blank or custom, come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, in an industry that’s quickly evolving, their usage of BPA-free thermal printer labels, while commendable, is fast becoming the norm rather than an exception. Their claim of the Prescription-Grade Duratherm thermal label stock resisting scuffing and fading might sound impressive on paper, but real-world application might paint a different picture. A 7+ year image retention, especially when in contact with certain adhesives, seems overly optimistic.

Quality & Affordability

Though Wedge claims to offer products equivalent (or superior) to name brands at competitive prices, a closer inspection reveals that there might be better value propositions out there in the market.

Service & Support

While offering post-purchase service is commendable, it’s the basic expectation in the industry today. It isn’t necessarily a standout feature. Wedge’s claim of transparency is excellent, but there’s a sense that they may be oversimplifying their offerings, potentially leading to unmet expectations.

Speed & Focus

Specializing exclusively in thermal labels suggests expertise. However, this narrow focus might be limiting for potential clients who seek a wider range of labeling solutions.


Wedge Labels occupies an uncertain space in the market. Their jam-free label roll ending, while innovative, might not be enough to overshadow some of their limitations. It would be prudent for potential buyers to weigh their needs against what Wedge offers, especially if they seek diverse labeling solutions or a more reliable reputation.

While they encourage unsatisfied customers to seek a full replacement, it’s always better to invest in a product that meets expectations from the get-go. For those on the fence about Wedge, a thorough research and comparison with other brands might be a wise next step.